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Bill Sumner Photography

Bill Sumner Photography



What I did:

Practiced “wagon wheel”, “November Blue” and Bon Iver’s Blood Bank because I’m emo as fuck

How I’m feeling after:

Like I should have improved more because I practiced this song for two hours before posting, but I want to go meet friends for drinks so two hours it is!!

Day 11 Notes:

Today started out great then devolved into general terribleness. Guitar made things better. I watched a bunch of youtube videos to figure out the strumming pattern for this song and I OBVIOUSLY still did not get it. Also, the c chord is so difficult for me to jump to. whhhay. WHHHAYYYY.

Seriously, having goals and being able to track my progress in guitar is what is keeping me sane and not unhappy when I get home. OK BYE DRINKIEPOOS NOW




What I did:

Practice “Wagon Wheel” using Taryn’s tabs. 

How I’m feeling after:

Ok until I re-watched Taryn’s video. 

Day 11 Notes:

Let’s all get the facts straight- I’m not putting enough time into this. I felt after practicing changing chords today maybe I was getting somewhere and then it was like- pretty clear that was all in my head. I’m sorry for actual guitar players who are like WHAT IS SHE DOING, because you’re right I DONT KNOW. 

Here’s a progress video of the lame progress I’ve made. My heart isn’t in this and I wish it was because Taryn is kicking ass and I can imagine it feels great! 

I’m hoping to buckle down tomorrow and get a NEW progress video that shows that I can maybe, like, strum too.

Here this is. I’m sorry. Etc. 


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A live version for Honey !

Soul Train on a Saturday Morning !

Al Green - Love and Happiness - Live Performance


when I was very young, my older siblings would ask me what I wanted to watch on TV when it was my turn to choose. as the youngest, my choices were rarely honored (or valid), largely because I would always respond: “Sooouuuuuul Train.”

Providence Improv Festival (June 2011)